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Plumbing Services

Experts in all types of plumbing, drainage and sanitary fixing works. PVC, PPR, COPPER and high pressure line pipe works. Recycling systems. All types of sauna, Jacuzzi, and swimming pool systems. Irrigation line works.

You might have experienced the annoying sound of dripping water from a leaky tap or the frustration of clearing up clogged sink, but now it’s time to say goodbye to all your plumbing worries with Green Max Techanical Works L.L.C Comprehensive plumbing solutions.

Emergency Services

A plumbing emergency can creep up anytime, anywhere and to anyone, but Power Master is just a call away and is available 24/7, including on holidays, to address all your emergency plumbing and maintenance services in Dubai.

Service Overview

From fixing leaking toilet to completely refurbishing your bathroom, our certified plumbers are capable of handling any challenging plumbing jobs.

Our preventive and maintenance service will ensure regular inspection of your plumbing system to analyse, detect and solve any problems at an early stage, helping you prevent costly repairs. Some of our common plumbing services include:

  • Blocked WC, sinks, showers, drains

  • Leaking water in floors, walls and ceiling

  • Corroded or faulty flexible hoses

  • Broken fixtures in WC, bidets and washbasins

  • Faulty gate valves and mixers taps

  • Blocked or clogged floor waste pipes